As part of oxxeo’s commitment to accessibility and a diverse society, the building has attained the top level 5-star DIGA certification (Hallmark of Level of Accessibility).

This makes oxxeo the first newly constructed office building in Spain to be awarded the highest level of DIGA certification for disabled people, senior citizens and pregnant women.

Created by the Shangri-La Foundation, this certification takes into account physical, sensory and cognitive functional diversity criteria, so that any person, regardless of their condition, can move about the building comfortably and safely.

Accessibility has been built into the decoration and design of oxxeo from its inception. For this reason, it achieves a high level of usability while maintaining criteria of modernity, elegant and the avant garde, thus demonstrating that incorporating accessibility is compatible with all these criteria.

The measures adopted that have permitted the building to reach this standard are as follows:

  • Adapted and easy access.
  • Full interior mobility.
  • Accessible toilets.
  • Signage with recognizable pictograms and chromatic contrast, high-relief touch detection and/or braille.
  • Routing systems to help persons with visual and cognitive impairment to guide themselves independently.
  • Accessible large-sized elevators with visual, hearing and touch information.
  • Innovations in access control management software.
  • Accessible service point by design and installations.
  • Systems and media to facilitate communication and information, with magnetic loop. 
  • Provision of accessible parking spaces complying with accessibility requirements in terms of size, characteristics, location and signage.
  • Assisted evacuation via designated sheltered areas adapted for persons with sensory needs, intercom…
  • Creation of management protocols to enhance the experience of all users of the building.