Factors such as the way the oxxeo plot faces, the fact that it is a freestanding building, its ultra-light curtain wall, the height between the open-plan floors and its open-plan design, all provide excellent daylight leverage. Moreover, the direct impact of sunlight is avoided thanks to the structural design of the façade, as the 80 cm deep latticework has been designed to project the right levels of shade on the building, avoiding direct sunlight at critical times of the day.

All the interior lighting is provided using high energy efficient luminaires with led technology and low glare.

A Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system controls lighting according to daylight levels and creates mood lighting scenarios.

oxxeo is the first office building in Spain to deploy a Dynamic lighting system adapted to the circadian rhythm of people working there.

This lighting system incorporates a dynamic light that automatically changes the light temperature (the colour of the light) throughout the day, mimicking the natural rhythm of day and night that our bodies respond to. LED technology enables light to be regulated from warm light (incandescent type-yellow) to cold light (fluorescent type- daylight-blue).

The circadian rhythm or biological clock of people synchronises with the daylight, which changes colour depending on the hour. People “activate” at the beginning of the day and “deactivate” at the end of the day to get ready to sleep.


The oxxeo design incorporates a fan-coil HVAC system with four pipes, EC motors and primary units with variable flow, regulated via air quality sensors. The main advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Efficiency, with low levels of electricity use, noise and adapted to user needs.
  • Maximum flexibility in the fit-out design for future tenants thanks to the fan-coil distribution: one every 24 m² for floor interiors and every 4.5 metres on the façade.
  • Full temperature control for each fan-coil unit via independent thermostats.


The electricity supply on the office floors is managed by four electricity control panels located on both sides of the main entrances. In order to house installations, raised ceilings and floors, 95 and 15 cm respectively, will be provided.


Vertical transportation and communication are carried out via five large capacity elevators, equipped with destination control selection. Four of the elevators operate from the car park floors to the office floors while the fifth, exclusively for visitors, operate from the car park to the ground floor.

oxxeo is also equipped with a service elevator providing direct access to all floors, from the car park levels to the roof.


The two underground floors at oxxeo accommodate a car park with 450 parking spaces that include 2 spaces for electric vehicles, 12 for fuel-efficient vehicles and 19 for bicycles. There are two lanes to enter and exit the car park thereby ensuring efficient traffic flows.

The way in which the building adapts to the lie of the land means level -1 of the car park has a façade that lets in natural light and ventilation and also provides street-level access.


Holistic fire protection

oxxeo’s fire detection systems comprise room and face celing smoke detectors, together with centralised alarm control.

The offices, common areas, machine room and car park are equipped with detection systems.

All the floors have a network of fire hoses and portable fire extinguishers.

Interior Security

The following is planned:

  • A cutting-edge IT access control system for persons in the lobby.
  • An anti-intrusion system using magnetic sensors.
  • CCTV surveillance for all entrances to the building from the car park.
  • Barrier access control for vehicles in the underground car park.


Vertical distribution of telecommunications are via a shaft expressly for this purpose, with horizontal distribution via the corresponding channels. All the common installations in the building are centralised through a management system permitting optimal control of operations.

Moreover, oxxeo is equipped with the following services:

  • Option of high speed connectivity (ADSL, ISDN, WIFI, etc…).
  • Multi-operator mobile coverage network.
  • Option of fibre optics.
  • Raised floor for cabling distribution to workstations.