oxxeo is one of the pioneering buildings in Europe and the first registered building in Madrid and second in Spain to be awarded the WELL Building Standard in the Core & Shell category. The objective is to aim for Gold, one of the top levels of WELL certification.

WELL is the first global certification for buildings focusing solely on human health and well-being and is based on seven years of scientific, medical and architectural research. It is an innovative system founded by Delos and managed by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), set up in 2015. It certifies that the design, construction and operation model of the building addresses health and well-being of persons. It evaluates on site the building’s impacts regarding seven concepts: air, water, light, fitness, comfort, nourishment and mind.

The measures to be applied to obtain WELL certification are as follows:

  • Measures aimed at improving the interior air quality:

    • Using products that comply with the strictest regulations to avoid the emission of volatile organic compounds.
    • Measures to prevent radon gas entering occupied areas.
    • Promoting healthy habits for occupancy and smoke-free building.
    • Good practices in the building process to improve indoor air quality, dust control and prevent contaminants entering.
    • Good maintenance practices to avoid the use of pesticides and other chemical products.
    • Minimising air leaks in the envelope through start-up controlled by specialists and leak tests on the façade.
  • Measures aimed at improving nourishment:

    • Raising awareness of health and wellbeing among occupants of the building, through a digital library.
    • Improving nutritional habits by offering natural and wholefood products through messages displayed on tablets.
  • Measures aimed at improving water quality:

    • Integrating filtering and sterilisation processes in the building at each consumption point.
    • Carrying out analysis and testing at a specialised laboratory to guarantee high levels of water quality.
  • Measures aimed at improving lighting:

    • Installing a light system that minimises glare at work stations and adapts to the circadian rhythm of people.
  • Measures aimed at promoting fitness:

    • Encouraging use of stairs.
    • Exterior landscaped areas.
    • Bicycle racks.
    • Showers and changing rooms.
    • Rooftop sports area with 2 paddle tennis courts, running circuit and open-air exercise area equipped with machines.
  • Measures aimed at enhancing comfort:

    • Integrating measures to limit air noise and improve comfort in indoor spaces.
    • Building’s reception fitted with radiant panels to improve comfort levels.
    • Rest area on rooftop.
  • Measures aimed at improving mental wellbeing:

    • Fostering wellbeing via range of clear signage in the building.
    • Building design promotes contact with nature.